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Are you looking to have your own platform of online courses in Webflow? Search no more. Academy is the premium Webflow Template for Online Courses, Digital Schools, and Education platforms.

In this short document, we are going to show you 2 options to sell your online courses easily using Academy template. Our template is very powerful and versatile, so you can customize it to function in any way you would like to, however, below we share with you 2 simple ways to do it, so you don't run into any hassle at all.

1. Webflow Only (Simple Option)

If you don't want to over-complicate, we got you covered. Using Webflow eCommerce, you can sell your courses directly as file downloads, or using our Course platform page.

Option A: File Download

If you want to deliver your course as a file download, you can easily do so by turning on the Download Option on your selected Course (in the eCommerce CMS), and adding a download link, as you can see in the image below.

Simply add your File Name and File URL, and you're ready to go!

Option B: Course Platform

If instead of just delivering a file download you prefer to share with your students an online learning experience, you can use our Course platform page.

Clone and Customize the Course platform page with your content, videos, resources and community links, and publish the page as 'Password Protected'.

Once ready, just create a simple PDF file  including the page access link and password (you can see this one from the Academy Template, as an example), and add it as a file download in the Download Option on your selected Course (in the eCommerce CMS).

Once purchased, users will receive the file including the page password and access link, and will be able to access easily and watch the course online from their computer, tablet or mobile.

2. Webflow + Memberstack (Advanced Option)

If you are looking to create a more robust course platform, probably including monthly or yearly subscriptions, or any other complex functionality, Memberstack is the option you are looking for.

Memberstack offers powerful functionalities to easily create subscriptions (if you would like to offer many courses under a monthly subscriptions), and also provides a registration and login system to easily take your course platform to the next level.

By default, we don't include support for Memberstack, as we can't include custom code on our Webflow template, however, with basic/intermediate Webflow knowledge it's very easy to integrate Memberstack to build a more robust online course platform (and previous Academy customers have already done it)!

Questions & Support

Academy Webflow Template was built to be very easy to edit and update, however, if you ever have any questions, need help, find any issue, or just need a hand in any situation, we are always available to help you. Feel free to send us a message at, we will be glad to assist you.

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